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No Lengthy Set-up: 

Have you ever spent more time teaching and setting up than actually playing the game?  No thank you. Set-up, play, and clean-up take about15 minutes regardless of player count! Simply play through one round and everyone gets it.

No Take-That Victims: 

Do you ever feel that as the [smartest, loudest, crabbiest, happiest] person in the room, you have a target on your face when playing “attack/defense” style social games?  Well, bring it on! When one or more players hit you with the meat sweats, you’re out for theround, but you get to keep the card… making you more powerful later on.

No Downtime:

Do you have trouble staying awake or keeping friends engaged while waiting for your turn? So long, sleepers… 90% of this game is spent in simultaneous play so everyone remains engaged.

No Point Counting:

Does “Stop looking at my score pile!” sound familiar? All scoring cards have two possible point values to eliminate “advanced” players from knowing everyone’s score before they do.   Ah, luck, the great equalizer.

Feedback and Playtesting:

We’ve had great feedback from so many amazing people… carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.  We’ve consumed hundreds of playtester hours to reach this perfectly seared, medium-rare game (well-done is sacrilege). To ALL of our playtesters, “THANK YOU! We wouldn’t be here without you.”

“Backyard BBQ Brilliance!” – Adam D.

“The meat keeps coming and the sweats don’t stop!” – Maddie P.

“Great game for all skill levels. Fast moving & tons of fun!” – Jess D.

“So fun to play, even for vegetarians!” -Whitney V.

“Different characters add good variability to the game.” – Joe K.

“Great learning curve! Really Good.” – Ryan N.

“Fun balance of competitive attack/sabotage play, so it’s good for different play styles.” – Bruce C.

“My smartwatch congratulated me on 10 minutes of dynamic exercise!” – Jason D.

“Simple cards and mechanics” – Alexander B.

“Fun, fast-paced action” and “Great Overall game! Loved it.” -Hue W.

“I’m going to need a lot of fiber after this game.” – Jason G.

“Mysausage belongs to the people!” – Codie K (as the Sausage King)

“Fast-paced and flavorful, pun intended.” Kaleb K.

“It’s fast paced, I really like it!” – Wally W.

Playtesting History

This game made its play-testing debut at Protospiel in Madison, WI in December 2017, it was tested at the Earthfire Games table in the First Exposure Playtest Hall at GenCon 2018 and 2019, play-tested at Milwaukee Protospiel in 2019. Final playtesting was at Protospiel Madison 2019.